CNC990MDc-3 3 Axis Milling CNC Controller

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CNC990MDc-3 is economical and professional three axis CNC milling system. Its display is 8 inch real color wide-screen LCD, support the 3 axis linkage movement, and ATC, macro ,PLC programming function . the model CNC990MDc-3 can instead of GSK980 and GSK928

Support ATC function!!(Linear & Hat type Tool Magazine)!

1) The three axes of X,Y,Z control, three axes linkage movement.

2) 2ms interpolation cycle,1um precision.

3) 5MHz Output Pulse Frequency, Maximum speed: 300m/min,Feeding speed: 150m/min

4) Multiple function,it can realize the drilling/boring,roughing of roun groove/rectangle groove,finishing of full circle/rectangle,continous drilling of straight line/rectangle/arc etc.

5) Built-in standard PLC program,and can be customized edited according to customer's askes.

6) Memory Capacity: 128MB,User Store Room: 100MB.

7) 8.4 inches(800*600) real csolour LCD displayer.

8) Support Metric system/Inch System,with function of auto charfering.

9) Display in Chinese and English,which can be selected by paramter.

10) With USB interface,support USB file processing,software upgrade.

11) DNC in high speed,realize part program real-time transmission processing.

12) Analog voltage output of 0V~10V in two channels,support two-spindle control.

13) Support external MPG.

14) Basic I/Os: 40*24, 24*24 can be edited freely.